Halton Equine Veterinary Services

Routine Services

Our Routine Care Services

Everyday Equine Health Needs

These are some of the most common services we provide our customers.  We do offer more specialized services if your horse needs attention for other ailments. 


We offer 24/7 emergency care for our current patients. If you have an emergency, please phone the clinic number at 905-659-4387. After hours you may leave a message at the prompt for emergencies and the on call veterinarian from our practice will contact you immediately to advise..

General Herd Health

General Herd Health includes choosing the vaccine protocol that suites the individual horse’s needs. Assessing the risks of each unique situation can allow us to formulate an appropriate herd health program for your farm. Routine fecal egg counts are also encouraged to reduce the drug resistance we see increasingly with our dewormers. Nutrition for various age groups or patients with special needs can also be explored to ensure optimal health of your athlete or pasture mate.


Gait analysis can be achieved using a variety of diagnostic tools and instruments. A thorough history is followed by a physical examination and assessment of all gaits during exercise. Flexion tests and nerve blocks may also be performed to assist in localizing the problem area. Examinations are often followed by diagnostic imaging and then a discussion on the various treatment options. Our mission is to help educate our client on the various options and then guide them into making the best possible informed decision for their specific needs.

Pre-purchase Examinations

We have several packages available to suit the unique needs of each potential purchase. All prepurchase exams start with a thorough history followed by a physical, orthopedic, neurologic exam and gait analysis. Flexions tests are also performed in horses that are of age or ability. Digital radiographs, endoscopy, drug testing and blood work are some of the options available at the time of the exam. Our goal is to identify the relative risks in this purchase given the history, examination and imaging findings and how they relate to the intended future use of the horse.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have several imaging modalities including digital ultrasound, digital radiographs and video endoscopy. All of the images can be archived so that future reference can be made to monitor changes. Most services can be utilized both at your location or at our facility.


We promote the use of power equipment with sedation in our practice. The dental examination is of highest importance and this can only be accomplished with the use of a full mouth speculum and a bright light source. Once we have examined the mouth,we can then treat what is needed in a timely fashion with minimal risk to both the patient and the handler. On average a mature horse should have a dental examination once a year. Young horses, performance horses and geriatrics may require more frequent exams as well as horses with previous dental problems.

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